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Octane Studios specializes in uniquely powerful website designs. Custom branded websites that get noticed. We carefully craft your website to excel above your competitors. Does it need to load fast? Be easy to navigate? Be cross browser compatible? Gotcha. We breathe clean web design, and we're passionate about delivering powerful websites to our clients. Browse our web portfolio and
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Maverick’s Automotive Garage

A nifty old school styled one pager. Designed in a 1930's style to emphasize the brand's old way of doing things right. The first time. Used to collect email addresses and direct customers to their Facebook page to get more information while building the full website. Collecting email addresses at this stage will help build an effective email list for promotions and sales later. Setting businesses up for success is what we do best around here!

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Farmers of the Texas Panhandle

Another one page design used to build up a customer base while the full website is in development. Full contact information (Phone Number, Email, Facebook & Twitter links) Allowing customers to connect with their brand and become established with it well before a larger site is fully designed, developed, and live. Simple and to the point, quite often "less is more" you know?

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Matthew Foley PPC #2

Matthew Foley returned to us to code another pre-made design for him. This time he requested that we make the navigation buttons link to the corresponding locations lower down on the same web-page. We integrated Google Maps with the map at the bottom of the page so when clicked it links directly into Google Maps to efficiently deliver directions to anyone.

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Matthew Foley PPC

Attorney Matthew Foley was searching for a new company to handle his websites, he approached us to code this previously designed website for him to use for a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign. We coded the HTML and CSS by hand to ensure quality craftsmanship. As well as a little bit of back-end PHP to ensure his form will make it to his email and combat spam.

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Dwight Brothers Carpentry

We designed the images in the massive slideshow on the homepage to emphasize the friendliness of their family brand. Icons help visitors quickly decide which page they need to be on. The Services page utilizes an elegant image showcase to display their portfolio. The simple yet modern design works hard and guides visitors in navigation. Powerful Web Design is about getting information across as effectively as possible.

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Undefined Snowboards

Very image rich. Content is easily managed and found. Check out the live color samples on the apparel page. Just click the color box and the shirts/hoodies/beanies change colors! The homepage has a large slideshow with custom built ads to showcase items on sale. Large title banners on each page make reading the content a breeze. A contact form was added for seamless contact.

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Shield Cyclists

A clean (yet still dynamic) website using branding colors. Content is easily found and navigated via color coding. The home page showcases a nice slideshow. News blog included to keep visitors up to date on current news and information.

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A sleek industry leading look with drop-down menu navigation. Most of their fabricated products are black and the website needed to match. Lots of pictures and several pages of content organized for ease of navigation.

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Sentinal Records

The dynamic headers and footers on this website utilize manipulated photographs. Color choice was aligned with the brand, and works as a visual aid to guide the viewer through content. Layout is simple and easy to navigate. Separate pages for all of the news articles, and a sidebar showing artists currently on tour.

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Blue Phoenix Investments

Simple and to the point. We only added what had to be there. A little bit of color and banners to separate the content. Sometimes a really clean website design just can't be beat.

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