Our Design Process

Our comprehensive Design Process

Serious design takes a process. It’s serious work to get great a great finished product.

Design is a multi-tiered process. A respectable end-product requires comprehensive development. Slack in any area and your project could end up doing you more harm than good. (Designs that might be interpreted negatively & hurting bottom line, too similar to competitors design leading to legal woes, design that doesn’t attract your target market effectively, design that leads to user issues, the list goes on)

We utilize this process for all of our projects:
– Advertising/Marketing/Promotional Campaigns
– Company Branding/Corporate Identity
– Logo Design
– Website Design/Code/Launch
– Social Media
Everything we design


**We regularly show various prototypes to our clients throughout this process. Some may be phone calls or emails about IDEAS for the project. Others may be pencil SKETCHES. Others may be actual visual DESIGNS during the Design (prototype) phase. We nail down everything solid before we ship anything. If I don’t believe it’s going to serve you well, I won’t release it and will hammer down on some new concepts.


We talk about the goals of your project and discuss plans of action to design the best solution possible. We want to understand WHO you are, WHAT you do, and WHY you rock. Tell us your direction and share what you already know about your target market and what you know they like style-wise. We use this as a springboard, often I will provide different solutions that may surpass your initial concepts.


Now we research the base idea and your competition to see what is working well and why. How are you going to beat them? You should fit in with your industry but be different enough to stand out in a crowd of your competitors. We like to see what your competition is doing and brainstorm multiple different approaches to break the mold.


Next we sketch out our ideas. This allows us to quickly see what will work and what won’t. Wire-frames, Explorations of Design Composition, Mood-Boards; any visuals that we can start to manipulate and improve upon. Sometimes we dip back into the research phase to come up with even better ideas to test in the sketching phase.


This is the stage most of you are familiar with. Here we are creating the actual digital designs. It isn’t the first step and definitely isn’t the last. If this was the only step of the project, we would be shooting blindly and hoping to hit something. Thankfully we have a plan and effective system in place to really focus in on your goals & achieve greatness.


Here we further push the ideas we came up with in the design (and previous) stage(s) of the project. Sometimes what looks great in a sketch doesn’t quite pan out as well as a functional end design. We go back and design things based on the other sketches, sketch new ideas, or even splice and fuse ideas together to make a Frankenstein from parts of previous prototypes. Have no fear though; we only take the best parts of each prototype to create a superior finished project!


At this stage, we try to turn everything around and see if we can make it better than any of the sketches or designs first looked. We only send the very best version of the design. (Sometimes your customers can tell something just isn’t quite right. And without even being able to pinpoint it exactly, they will pass you up for a competitor that seems more put together, and better prepared to handle that customer’s needs.) We move things around. We make them bigger, smaller, more colorful, less colorful, delete things, add new ones, align things differently, and tweak the designs in various other ways.
This process creates the most visually compelling work.
We want everything in the design to serve the ultimate goal: Attract your most precious customers and make it easy as possible for them to approach you. And of course make you more money!


Now we are getting somewhere! This is the point where we fine-tune little problems with the design and test it against others in the market. We present you with work and explain WHAT we did and WHY we did it. There’s a lot beneath the surface. Does it work effectively against the competition? (We aim to fix the following before they even become real problems:)
Is it going to be out of style in 6 months? Is it too outlandish? Is it too safe? Is there anything wrong with it? Could it be perceived in a negative way? Does anything need to be fixed? We ask a lot of questions now to keep you out of hot water later. It’s because we care. We work hard so you can rest easy.


This is the point where we launch the finished product. You should be leagues ahead of your competition and have a powerful design that will stand strong for a long time to come. It will draw in the customers you most desperately want. Once we release something to our clients, we have done a lot of work behind the scenes. We make sure your target market sees the best possible version of your company. You’re worth every bit of it. Don’t settle for less.

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