You Need To Brand Specifically For Your Target Market To Make Money, RIGHT NOW!

You Need to Brand Specifically For Your Target Market to Make Money, RIGHT NOW

You Need to Brand Specifically For Your Target Market to Make Money, RIGHT NOW

Build a business to service everyone!
Just kidding, that doesn’t work.
(My Dad used to joke… “One size fits all? More like one size fits NONE.”)
Build your business around a Niche Market! Why? Because you can fit your Target Market’s needs perfectly and turn them into RAVING FANS.

There are specialty markets that NOBODY is providing for, serve them what they crave & they’ll be head over heels about you!
What if you had a collection of dedicated customers who become your Brand Advocates?!

I thought you might be down for that.

We must (1) define who your ideal customer is, or your Target Market. Then we can (2) design a Brand around their specific wants and needs. Dynamic Branding around your ideal end customer creates a lush and full Brand experience. It cranks up the “WOW!” factor and turns them into your Brand Advocates. They are excited to share their experience working with you (because you hit a home-freaking-run), with everyone they know!
Logo Design is the Foundation of every Brand

You already know more about this than you think, this is the core foundation of Viral Marketing.

What’s A Target Market?

Your Target Market is the specific market you are aiming to please.
They have a personality and specific needs that are NOT being met ANYWHERE ELSE. This market contains the right type of customers you want to do business with, customers who will keep you in business with valuable projects and orders. They can’t get it anywhere else and they’ll be excited to suggest you at a moments notice. They are basically Advertising and Marketing FOR YOU because they love your service.

Brand For Your Target Market’s Taste

Show them what they want to see, and they’ll be drawn to you like a magnet! Branding isn’t so much about what the Designer thinks “looks good”, it’s great if we can please the client with the style and art direction, but my ultimate goal is always to attract your Target Market. The more we can understand who they are and what they like the better we can fill their needs. From Logo & Brand styling to Fonts and Colors, Copywriting (brainstorming creative/punchy headlines & Advertising/Marketing body copy text), and even utilizing specific avenues to market you where your Target Customers are, the goal is to attract and draw in the best customers so you can build a resilient and enjoyable business.
Learn More About Designing an Effective, Kickass Logo – CASE STUDY

The goal is to Brand to attract and draw in the best customers so you can build a resilient and enjoyable business.

Begin With The End In Mind -> Branding & Goal Setting

Starting a business with your specific Target Market in clear view is great.
This allows us to design your Brand around your Target Market and be able to most satisfy their needs. Through Research and Testing we can understand what they want to see and how to position you against your competition. If you fit their needs to a T, and the competition only…kinda…sorta fits their needs it’s a no brainer. You’re going to be their choice hands down.

We can always refocus your Brand to your Target Market.
Maybe as the business or industry landscape has evolved you need to focus on a different Target Market to stay competitive. The key is to gather information about who you are doing/wish to do business with and Brand around THEIR IDEALS.

Brand To Fit Your Target Consumer Like A Glove

The true power of Branding for your Target Market is nailing their needs so perfectly, they can’t help but tell everyone they know and bring you more customers just like them!
And the best part is, these are your IDEAL CUSTOMERS. Not just more work, which may or may not be enjoyable or even able to keep your business alive. This is the work you enjoy doing the most, and creates the most positive impact in the world. Because you are doing what you do best and your customers are getting the best work, things go smoother and everyone is happy.

Isn’t that pretty much everyone’s goal?
To enjoy their work, help the world, and just be happy?

Create Raving Fans, or Brand Advocates

Fill your Target Market’s needs so perfectly, they can’t help but tell other people.
They market FOR YOU! This is the exact concept of Viral Marketing. To impress someone so much that they share your message. It’s so great they want their friends to see it. It boosts your reach and impact far easier than you could do by yourself. Focusing on your ideal customer’s needs is paramount, you should know more about them than they do.

THE BENEFITS of Branding for Your Specific Target Market

Because you’re focusing on a specific market, there is already bound to be less competition. Less competition = more wins, right? It increases your ability to fully satisfy your ideal customer’s needs, or even surpass their expectations entirely. Because you aren’t offering a generic one size fits all approach to their problem. It’s designed to fit their EXACT NEEDS.

Brand Power = Research, Analyze, Innovate

To blow your customer’s expectations out of the water, we have to dig into the essence of your business and how you operate. There’s a great quote by Robert Brault that says,

“If you keep rephrasing the question, it gradually becomes the answer.”

Branding based on your business’s core beliefs and values and Targeted specifically to the Market you wish to wow = Success. Think about it this way, the Sun’s rays don’t do too much harm in a short period of time normally, but if you FOCUS those rays with a magnifying glass what happens? You can burn wood in MERE SECONDS. Cranking up the focus and intensity creates a rapid result.

Have I convinced you on the need to Brand specifically for your Target Market yet?
That’s what I do here at Octane Studios.

Hey there, I’m Rusty Marnell, a Graphic Designer here in Amarillo, TX.
Designing innovative Brands for people all over the US and beyond is what I do best.
I love working with passionate people who are committed to making a positive impact in the world. Our time is incredibly short on Earth, we have to make our impact NOW.
(Check out: Time – Stop Freakin’ Wasting It!)

I’d be honored to have the opportunity to contribute something impactful to the world with you.

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