Why Hire a Freelance Web Designer?

Freelance Web Designer for Hire - Rusty Marnell/Octane Studios

Freelance Web Designer – Amarillo Web Design

Our place in the design industry is to provide solid studio-quality work without the price. This makes us ideal for start-ups and small companies who can’t afford to pay an expensive design firm, but could benefit greatly from our services.

What do you get when you hire a Freelance Web Designer?

Personalized Service.
Affordable Pricing.
Work Done on Time.

If there’s a problem, who wouldn’t want to talk directly with the exact person who fixed their car? The exact person who handles your bank transactions? The exact person who is handling your home renovation project? If you have questions, you can talk directly to the person who built your website. You’re talking to THAT EXACT PERSON.

Most freelance web designers don’t have that expensive overhead of a large web-design firm. You can get some serious work done without seriously over-paying. Most of us work at home and don’t have to pay rent, a lease, utilities for the office, and all that other stuff so we don’t have to charge you anywhere near $100/hr (typical of most brick and mortar studios and firms).

Freelancers can’t take on a ton of projects at once. But guess what that means for you? No waiting around! They’ll let you know if there is an opening immediately to get started or if you need to wait a few days. No waiting for a weeks or even months for a Firm to get around to starting your project and overcharging you. Hire a freelancer and get it done affordably and in a timely manner.

Freelancers don’t work just for the paycheck. They do it for the love of the game. It’s not a simple 9-5 for us. We BREATHE this stuff. It’s in our blood. I’ll leave it up to you to decide. Do you want someone who doesn’t enjoy their job to handle your project, or would you rather send it to someone who is passionate about your project and the hard work that it takes to get off the ground?

Hire a Freelancer. We work hard so you don’t have to.

One Man Workhorse
Rusty Marnell
Octane Studios

Email: octanestudios@ymail.com
Facebook: Octane Studios
Twitter: @Octane_Studios

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