The ONE Aspect Of Your Business That Transcends Everything Else

The ONE Aspect Of Your Business That Transcends Everything Else

The ONE Aspect Of Your Business That Transcends Everything Else

Hint: it’s not your location, your shop, your equipment, your people, or even the owner.

It’s your Brand.

Your Brand transcends absolutely EVERY. THING. ELSE.

Well, how’s that you say?

Your business is growing and evolving constantly. Odds are you won’t be in the exact same office building you are in now, in 10 years. Susie probably won’t be your front office secretary forever. The sign out front probably won’t be around after a decade.

How are people going to associate and relate with your business if the people working with you change, you have to change locations, or even if you renovate and remodel?

All of those things are important to drawing customers in and keeping them with you for the long haul. But your Brand has serious staying power that will outlive everything else associated with your business. Even the equipment you use to do your job will change over time.

Is Your Brand Visually Communicating the Right Message?

How are you communicating with your customers visually?
Do the colors for your business psychologically communicate the best emotion or feeling in your customers to be able to trust you? Does your Logo Design communicate even if they can’t read it? (Example: Can a Spanish native understand what you do based on your Logo even if they can’t read the words? Can a child comprehend what you’re all about even if they aren’t old enough to read yet?)

Branding Is About Relationships

Communicate your message effectively to the right people and you hook not only customers, but valuable people into your life. These are the people who keep coming back and keep you afloat during the hard times. Is your visual communication as powerful as it could be?
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Does your Brand draw people in, or turn them away?
Does your Brand fulfill their needs, or yours?

The Real Life Branding Example

Think about the Nike swoosh.
What does that symbol mean? It means kick-ass running and athletic shoes, right?
It’s synonymous with quality footwear across the ENTIRE PLANET.
Old folks know what it means, kids know what it means, people in other countries knows what it means. All without having to have the letters “N-I-K-E” next to it, they just get it.

How did Nike get so many people to recognize their symbol so well that they don’t even have to use letters to communicate their message? Branding. They’ve pushed their Logo in all forms of Advertising & Marketing to get it to be recognized. The “Swoosh” has been unchanged for 44 years, since 1971. The Nike brand has now seeped into the public psyche.

Now It’s Your Turn

You deserve a powerful and versatile mark to leave your uh…“mark” on the world. Something that can stand the test of time. Something unique that will draw people in to you. Something that communicates visually without the need for letters. Something that transcends the temporary aspects of your business. Something invigorating and refreshing.
You’ll need some professional help in your journey, but it’s okay I know a guy.

I am Rusty Marnell, a Graphic Designer here in Amarillo, TX.
Designing innovative Brands for people all over the US and beyond is what I do best.
I love working with passionate people who are committed to making a positive impact in the world. Our time is incredibly short on Earth, we have to make our impact NOW.
(Check out: Time – Stop Freakin’ Wasting It!)

I’d be honored to have the opportunity to contribute something impactful to the world with you.

One Man Workhorse
Rusty Marnell
Octane Studios

Call: (806) 672-8997
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