The Definitive Guide for Silky Smooth Design Project Collaboration

The Definitive Guide For Silky Smooth Design Project Collaboration

The Definitive Guide For Silky Smooth Design Project Collaboration

I love helping you guys as much as possible, and nothing boosts my ability to do so more than following an effective plan when to streamline when we start the process. Want your design project to flow as smooth as possible? Follow these handy guidelines to for a silky smooth project collaboration.


1. Provide All Info Up Front

It really puts a damper on the project to wait for photos, or designing without them or copy.
Instead of getting ahead, we’ll probably have to spend time re-designing because we really can’t know if our photos will work at that size, or how much text we will be provided until…well after we’ve already designed it and receive photos/text that are not compatible with our design.
It’s much easier to hit deadlines & project budgets when we’ve got all the information up front. 🙂

How You Can Help

Creating an outline for your project is a great way to make sure you have all your photos, text, graphics, design inspiration, design elements, and any other required info gathered together.


2. Send all Info (photos/text/etc) at once

Sometimes it’s just not feasible, I know.
But if we can get as much at once it streamlines EVERYTHING!
Hunting through emails from the past week for an image, or just guessing how much text there might be can really eat up time. Major changes (large additions or subtractions of photos/text) down the road in a project can really rack up some time spent as well. It could mean re-working an entire layout.

How You Can Help

Gather all photos/text/design inspiration/etc and send it all together. Or at a minimum, have a whole section together. I know, total buzzkill, right? But, it will make design flow so much better by designing with ALL the info upfront. 🙂


3. Proofread & Edit Your Text Prior to Emailing

You’re in a hurry, and super excited to start your project, I totally understand.
We can really spend a serious amount of project time spell-checking, moving/adding/deleting commas, or organizing a dozen lists by date for your project. Time that’s better invested on layout or design.

How You Can Help

Before you send that email, please proof-read your text one last time with a sharp eye. Know a writer? Ask them to scope it out for you. A couple minor changes are no-biggie, but a BUNCH of grammar tweaks after a couple of proofs can really affect your bill.


4. Send Appropriate Files

We can spend a lot of precious time going back and forth with you to get the right type of file and figuring out how you want them to appear in your final design.

How You Can Help

Ask what exactly we need. Usually it’s high-resolution Photos, Text in Word Document, Vector Logos (.PDF is often vector), and everything organized by some kind of system (by page, chapter, importance, etc) Being specific will help us best organize & design your information appropriately.

For Print, Photos usually need to be 300dpi @ actual size.
(This is roughly 4.2 times LARGER than they appear on your screen, 72dpi)


5.After Viewing Proofs, Send All Changes At The Same Time

It’s common to have changes after viewing the first design proof.
But it’s most effective to handle all changes in one blow. We work on several projects during each day, it’s best to really look at your design-proof & list all revisions together in one email. Opening Files, Making Changes, Exporting Files, Composing Proofs, and Emailing you new proofs takes time. If we can limit that and make all required changes at once, it saves you money at the end of the day.
And who doesn’t like that?

How You Can Help

Hold off sending that Revision Email until you’ve Double-Checked your Proof and gathered all changes in one email.


It’s All Good in the Hood!

Feel free to ask for help if you’re not sure about something.
We want you to enjoy the experience & be happy with the outcome.
Here’s a PDF checklist you can download & print out just to keep handy for your next project!


**Download & Print PDF Below!**

Octane Project Checklist

New Design Project Checklist - Octane Studios

New Design Project Checklist – Octane Studios


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