Shift Your Marketing & Branding to SURGE FORWARD!

Shift Your Marketing & Branding To Surge Forward!

Shift Your Marketing & Branding To Surge Forward!

Are you embracing your Brand’s unique voice? You’re either blending in with everyone else (that’s about as exciting as plain oatmeal…), or you’re jumping out of the scene in an EXPLOSION of unique and incredibly approachable human friendliness! Wanna do the latter?

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
– Albert Einstein

Branding is all about being Unique and Creatively expressing the essence and soul of who you are and what your unique approach to business is. You exist because you fit a specific section of the market you’re passionate about, and nobody else does exactly what you do right?

Show ‘em Whatcha Got!
You don’t just go through the motions and provide the same thing they can get EVERYWHERE ELSE, you’re special. You know it, but do your customers know it? Branding your company with that unique flair and putting your own spin on everything is where the fire is.

SHIFT Your Branding Perspective

Brand your business like you do your life.
You aren’t a carbon copy human being, and you don’t do business like anyone else. Imprint the SOUL of your company in everything you touch. The way you answer the phone, how you greet your customers in your store, the way you do for them what nobody else will, your marketing, your advertising, your signage, it all matters and makes an impact on those you work with.
Is your Brand putting your best foot forward?
Or is your Brand more of an afterthought?

Even if you haven’t been thinking a lot about it recently, it’s cool! We all learn as we go.
Good ole Maya Angelou has a good quote on this:

“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.”
– Maya Angelou

SHIMMY – Discover Your Brand Voice

Try some things, see what you personally think sounds great. See what reactions your customers have to them. Do they RAVE about it like you do? If so, congratulations! If not we can take their input and CRAFT A BRAND AROUND WHAT THEY LOVE.
How’s that sound for totally freakin’ awesome?

Branding is less about just making “cool stuff”, although that’s always a bonus.
Branding is more about making your Marketing goodies become ALIVE with HUMAN SPIRIT. I’m not talking about just operating in a vacuum either, we should strategize and use all the information we can possibly get our little hands on about your competitors. Then use that to our advantage by analyzing what they’re doing and creating an effective marketing plan that will RESONATE with your target market.

SHAKE – Try New Marketing & Advertising Techniques

To really hit the marketing nail on the head, it may be wise to change up what you’ve done in the past. But if your marketing strategy is working great, I’m a total fan of “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”.

On the other hand if it’s not working so well, it may be time for some drastic changes. As little as changing up the Advertising copy, or as much as dropping some mediums completely and adopting some new directions.

Kinda like that Einstein quote at the top of this post, Albert was one smart cookie.
Trying new things from new perspectives is bound to provide new results!

GROW – Your Brand’s Potential is… LIMITLESS!

If you step outside the box and embrace new and creative approaches to your Branding and Marketing.

Marketing and Branding YOUR WAY will boost the human qualities and approachability of your business. It makes you more alive, human, and real.

Introducing new directions and ideas to your Branding and Marketing can take you a long way!
We can sit down together and talk over past campaigns and see how to refine our ideas and improve for the next round.

Sometimes the ideas that are a little crazy work the best. Have you ever done something you were unsure about, but figured you’d jump all in and give it a shot anyway?
Ever had it become a spectacular success?

That’s totally EXHILERATING!

SURGE Forward! – From Your Branding

Let’s leverage your Branding and Marketing to work harder than you do.

I’m a firm believer that we were not put on this earth merely to survive. We were put here to THRIVE! To help others, and enjoy our journey together, to make a difference, to positively influence each other, to grow and inspire the whole human race.
How do you feel about that?

I love to work with passionate people who want to improve this world.
(See: Live a Life of Intention)

Let’s make an impact, or as Steve Jobs would say “We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?”

Looking to boost your Brand and design a beautiful life that carries on beyond 5PM when you leave work? Let’s get in touch!

I’m a Graphic Designer based here in Amarillo, TX; but do work for people all over the country. The internet is a beautiful thing.

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