Make This Mistake With Your Personal Branding & YOU’RE DEAD

Make This Mistake With Your Personal Branding And You're Dead!

Make This Mistake With Your Personal Branding And You’re Dead!

Should you aim to fit in just like everyone else? Or stand out and be uniquely yourself?
How is Personal Branding (Branding yourself as an individual) different from Branding a Business?

STORY-TIME, yo! (Grab a chair)

Let’s say there are 5 interviewees and 1 job opening, 4 are essentially exactly the same in their skills and personality, or blanket flavor of vanilla if you will, and then there’s the 5th one. Oh that 5th one. The 5th one’s Jamie. She’s unique for sure. She’s fired up and passionate, and not just about what specifically interests her. She’s viral about LIFE. She runs and dances, and sings with joy. When she walks into the room, it’s a sight to behold for sure.

If you were the boss looking to hire, who would you hire?
The vanilla people who are afraid to stand out, and put all their effort into looking the same, the ones who won’t speak up and quietly do what they’re told?

Or someone like Jamie? Someone who will make you think harder about your ideas, but make you a better business owner because of it. Someone who energizes your team and empowers everyone to get more work done in seemingly less time, all while enjoying it and not feeling like you were “stuck” at work all day. Someone who can captivate your customers and get them to loosen up and enjoy the atmosphere in your business? Someone who brings more than the bare minimum to the table. EVERY SINGLE TIME.
Someone who isn’t putting on a show, and will run out of steam and the ability to be able to do this continually. Someone who is wholly themselves and radiates out to the world.

Don’t Get Me Wrong, There are Places for Vanilla.

But think about your life. Do you want the mediocre car? Do you want the mediocre job? Do you want a mediocre significant other? Do you want friends who calmly don’t say much of anything? I mean, I’ll take a total stab in the dark on this one, and say PROBABLY NOT.

We all want the best we can possibly get in just about any and every situation, am I right?
The best car we can get. The best job for our needs. The best significant other we can find.
We don’t want mediocrity. We want to be wowed. To stand in awe.

Branding Is Storytelling

Whether it’s Branding yourself as a unique, innovative, and creative job seeker; or your business as the best possible solution to your target market’s needs. We all tell stories. We’ve told them since we were little. We tell stories about how things came to be. We tell them to our friends, we tell them to our co-workers, we tell them to people we don’t know, we tell them to ourselves.

Great People, Things, and Brands Tell Magnificent Stories

What if Apple didn’t have a story, what if they were just a computer company selling computers? Who would buy from them?
What makes a great song, great?
Is it the sheer technical and artistic ability of the vocalist and musicians? Would your favorite song be just a great if the lyrics were changed to be about Turtles living by the sea? Or is the magic in the story the lyrics tell and the way the storytellers tell their tale?
What makes a great movie, great?
Is it the special effects? Is it the big budget for the film? Or is it the story and the way it’s told through the plot of the movie?

“If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.”
~ Peter Marshall

1. Branded The Same

Blend In and Get Passed Over or Undercut
If two things are battling for your attention, and both seem to be of the same quality, how do you pick one over the other? Since they seem to be about the same return for what you pay to get, you’d probably pick the cheaper one, right?
Because that would be a more valuable transaction for you, you pay less and get the same value in return as the more expensive choice.
(This would be two vanilla interviewees going for the same job. Which one would the boss hire, if they have equal skills and abilities? The one who will work for lower pay? He’s seemingly going to get the same output from both sources.)

Branding the same as someone else says you’re not confident enough to stand by yourself. You’re a follower. Is that the message you really want to portray?

2. Branded Uniquely To Stand Out

Wow the Pants Off Them with Your Unique Skills and Abilities, Get What You Came For
What if those two things are different? Like way different? How do you pick one over the other? You probably pick the one that better fits your specific needs, right?
One may be a poor fit for what you need, while the other may fit you like a glove. It’s kinda hard to turn down something that seems to be the PERFECT ANSWER to your needs.

3. Is It Risky To Brand Yourself as Unique?

 Different, but bringing unique talents and skills to the table THAT THEY NEED
Sure there’s a little bit of risk involved in being your unabashed and unique self.
Not everyone is guaranteed to crave your specific approach.

But, given the choice, which of these would you rather have?

A. Be just like everyone else, only willing to work for less pay/acknowledgement/etc


B. Be yourself, get turned down for a job (relationship/etc), but pick yourself back up and find something that TOTALLY FITS YOU PERFECTLY?

4. Which Story Has a Happier Ending, How Will You Brand Yourself?

Play it safe, be vanilla and risk being unhappy? Or take the risk to be unique and vibrant self, maybe your path is a little bit rockier, but you create the most amazing life you could ever dream of. This world is yours for the taking, you can dream with our eyes wide open.

What story are YOU telling?

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