Logo Design is the FOUNDATION of your Brand!

Logo Design is the FOUNDATION of your Brand!

Logo Design is the FOUNDATION of your Brand!

Would you show up to a business meeting with executives in suits, wearing a tanktop and flipflops? They’d probably think you were out of your flippin’ mind! Your Logo Design has the same impact for your business. Check this out:

What will go on all your Marketing materials? What will go on your sign? Your Business Card? Your Brochure? Your Website? Your Logo’s probably going on every one of them, right?
That thing’s pretty dang important! It’s the face of your company. Literally. Your Logo Design is what people will gravitate towards. Your Logo Design is the anchor that holds everything you do together. What’s that worth to your business?

Logo Design Comes First!

Before you can get a sign put up, you need a Logo. Before you get Business Cards and Shirts made for your team of superhero’s, you need a Logo. Before you think of doing any Marketing (you guessed it!), you need a Logo. Well maybe you could do those things before you have a solid Logo Design in place, but what’s the use? Signage can be very expensive! Would you rather just put your name up there, or use it to leverage your Brand over the competition? To push who you are, and why you’re a better fit for a potential customer than your competitors. To show how you’re the absolute best choice out there.

Your Logo Goes On Everything (Literally)

It’s definitely worth it to invest in a quality Logo Design.
Why does having an innovative Logo Design matter?
Because that Logo is going on EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING you print/copy/fax/email/send/see that’s attached to your Company’s Brand image, that’s why. 😉
Do you like to buy from big faceless corporate entities? Or would you rather buy from a company because they’re human, friendly, and treat you with respect?
I’d take a totally wild guess and say you picked the latter.

Even if you provide the absolute best service in town, how will people know you and recognize you in the mix with your competition? Probably your Logo Design & Branding, hmm? Taking the time to innovate and design a Logo that reflects the core of your business and why you’re different from everyone else in the game causes major shifts in how you lay out in the market.

What Happens if You Ignore Your Logo Design’s Potential?

Sure you could use a piece of clip art and call it your Logo.

(Do you know how much using copyrighted material in a Logo could cost you, if the original creator finds out and decides to sue you? Talk about…YIKES!!)

But what if you took the time to evaluate what you stand for and bake that right into the face of your company, bake it into your Logo Design. Then something just feels right, when people drive by your business they don’t get the feeling you’re just there to take their money & do a shoddy job. It seems like YOU actually connect with them. You get them. Your whole setup reflects why YOU are the best choice for their needs. The colors, the fonts, the design style you portray. Your Logo is just what they need to see. It projects the right image. (Good Designers employ a lot of Psychology in Graphic Design to boost your success.)

Maybe that sounds a little ostensible and ridiculous to you.
I mean, how could a Logo have that much pull and influence, right? I hear ya, check this out: Would you walk into a job interview where you know (if you were hired) you would wear a suit to work every day, in a tanktop and flipflops? Yeah… probably not. What about if you showed up for an interview at a mechanic shop wearing your Sunday’s best. The oil stained Mechanic would probably look at you in dumfounded awe, what the heck is this guy thinking?! Right?
Your Logo is your outfit. It is your face. It has plenty of pull and potential to guide new customers in, and make current customers feel like you truly are the best fit for them.

Your Logo Is the Face, The Idea, The Very Spirit of Your Company’s Brand

See what I’m saying?
How your Logo is designed is pretty important. It has some serious power.
Branding your business doesn’t have to be complex and confusing, you’ve been “Branding” yourself since you were little. The style of clothes you wear, the type of music you listen to, what you do in your free time, the car you drive, all of this makes up your personal “Brand”. Everything you do is a reflection of you and where you fit in the world, isn’t it?

When it comes to Branding a business, it’s the same concept. What exemplifies your business and reflects your core values? Why are you the one your potential customers should pick to work with? Why should your current customers stay with you? It’s not because you offer the exact same service as 10x other places, it’s not because you just show up to work and just try to make it through the day until it’s quitting time.

It’s because YOU’RE DIFFERENT.
You CARE MORE than other businesses about what your customer holds most dear. And they know it because you show you care in everything that you touch. Of course the design of your Logo and company colors are the FOUNDATION of your Brand, they reflect your personality. Everything else builds on your Logo Design & Branding colors.

Logo Design is the Foundation of Your Brand and The Cornerstone of Your Marketing Plan

Your entire Marketing plan is centered around your customers and their needs.
Every single piece no matter what it is, will include your Logo & Brand colors. How much money will you spend on your Marketing collateral over the course of your business?

There’s Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures, Postcards, Banners, Letterheads, Forms, Envelopes, T-Shirts, Company Dress Shirts, Newsletters, Signage, Websites, Social Media, and even more you can put your company image on.

It won’t take long to spend $1,000.  Have you priced signage? It’s not cheap, especially if you need some big signs to even get seen from a distance or when people are traveling at higher speeds down the highway.

Your Logo & Brand colors are going on everything, shouldn’t we get it right?
To set your best foot forward, to garnish the respect you deserve, to show why YOU ARE THE BEST. That’s what I specialize in. Making sure people know what you do from the get go. When they see your Logo on your sign, and decide to stop. When they talk to you and realize that yes, you are a great fit for them. Because when all of your personal operations match your Brand something just… FEELS RIGHT about the whole situation.

I am Rusty Marnell, a Graphic Designer here in Amarillo, TX.
Designing innovative Brands for people all over the US and beyond is what I do best.
I love working with passionate people who are committed to making a positive impact in the world. Our time is short on this planet, we must live a life of intention to make our impact.
I’d love to have the opportunity to work with you.

One Man Workhorse
Rusty Marnell
Octane Studios

Call: (806) 672-8997
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