Does Your Brand Draw People In To You? Or Are You Lighting Money On FIRE?!

Does Your Brand Draw People In To You Or Are You Lighting Money On Fire?!

Does Your Brand Draw People In To You Or Are You Lighting Money On Fire?!

You can have the most incredible product or service, the most immaculate & charming place of business, and the most amazing customer service; but how are you going to get people in your business so you can wow them with your mad skills? If they aren’t coming in to see how amazing you are, how can you serve them?
One word. Branding.

How Do You Attract Customers?

People need to know about you.
Who you are, what you do, why you’re the only solution for their needs.
How will they relate to your business? They need to relate to the way you visually communicate with them. “A picture is worth a thousand words”, right?

We live in such a fast paced world, people waiting in line for 5 seconds at the store are already on their phone checking Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or their favorite Social Media. Have you ever been online and seen a link for a cool video in your News Feed, only to click on it and realize it’s 12minutes long….and then decide you just can’t commit to that length of time, and hit the back button?
What about a 5 minute video?
Or even 3 minutes?

We’re living in an increasingly A.D.D. world.
You have to communicate why you’re the only answer, quickly and confidently.

You can put a bunch of powerful reading material on your website, but the fact is most people either won’t read it, or very little of it at all. At least, not if you don’t hook them with something captivating first, and then along the way.


Visually Communicate Your Brand Story Uniquely & Confidently

The visual aspect of your Brand transcends language and words.
It communicates in a split second who you are and what you’re about. The Style, Shapes, Colors, Fonts, Textures, Photography, and more surrounding your Brand all need to be based on your principle purpose. When you leverage your Brand to visually communicate all of this psychologically to your target market in less time than it takes to read a sentence or two, something magical happens.

If you can get your message across in less than a second, do you think that might be just the competitive edge you need over your competition that needs 10 minutes to get their message across?

Think, why do Slogans exist?
They communicate in 1-2 seconds exactly what’s Unique and Desirable about your business. Slogans communicate why a potential customer should choose you.


Brand For Your Specific Target Market

Visually show them why you’re the perfect solution to their problem.
Would you rather work with someone who knows a little bit about your problem, or someone who has done it with their eyes closed and both hands tied behind their back (metaphorically of course) a hundred times, and has been incredibly successful?

Wow your Target Market with your incredible approach and solution & they will become Brand advocates and suggest you at every opportunity! BOOYAH!!


Get People Involved With Your Brand

Wow them with your Branding and Marketing, show them you’re the baddest.
Then what? They come to you. Show ‘em you can walk the walk and not just talk the talk and you’ve got them hooked. Targeted Branding specifically designed to attract the specific market you’re looking to work with works. Those people feel you UNDERSTAND them, they feel you can READ THEIR MINDS. Who wouldn’t want to work with someone that fit their needs perfectly? Exactly. It’s an incredible match.

Focusing your Brand on your Target Market improves Trust.
You can easily prove you’re exactly what they doctor ordered effectively and in less time than a competitor whose heart isn’t in doing this specific project.


Captivate People With Your CREATIVE & UNIQUE Brand Value

If your Logo is the face of your business, your Brand is the spirit.
It nails your underlying foundation of why you exist and who you passionately serve.
You don’t offer the exact same service as your competitors, so you don’t need to look like them. You’ve got to go your own way, carve a path and lead. Once you do people will follow you.

Brand around your business’s ideology & your specific Target Market.


Don’t Follow Your Competition, Innovate – BRAND DIFFERENTLY

To serve a specific market most effectively, you have to Brand effectively.
Not following the crowd, you want to position yourself as THE ONLY SOLUTION.

Fit a customer’s needs PERFECTLY, and they will tell people.
It almost feels like you have some kind of magic, they wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else because you nailed their problem. And why did you nail it so perfectly? Because your Brand is targeted to their specific needs!


How Will You Be Remembered? By Your Brand Story.

What is your Brand story?
What does your Brand stand for?
What is the psychological reason for your colors?
What will make people loyal to your Brand?
Branding is storytelling, about your specific and unique approach that doesn’t exist anywhere else. When people are looking, you’re the winner hands down.

Psychologically hook them with your Brand.
Your Brand colors instill the emotions you want them to feel about your business. Your Brand style fits exactly what they are attracted to.


Hey there!
I am Rusty Marnell, a Graphic Designer here in Amarillo, TX.
Designing innovative Brands for people all over the US and beyond is what I do best.
I love working with passionate people who are committed to making a positive impact in the world. Our time is incredibly short on Earth, we have to make our impact NOW.
(Check out: Time – Stop Freakin’ Wasting It!)

I’d be honored to have the opportunity to contribute something impactful to the world with you.

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