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Our Design Process

Our comprehensive Design Process

Serious design takes a process. It’s serious work to get great a great finished product.

Design is a multi-tiered process. A respectable end-product requires comprehensive development. Slack in any area and your project could end up doing you more harm than good. (Designs that might be interpreted negatively & hurting bottom line, too similar to competitors design leading to legal woes, design that doesn’t attract your target market effectively, design that leads to user issues, the list goes on)

We utilize this process for all of our projects:
– Advertising/Marketing/Promotional Campaigns
– Company Branding/Corporate Identity
– Logo Design
– Website Design/Code/Launch
– Social Media
Everything we design


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Why Hire a Freelance Web Designer?

Freelance Web Designer for Hire - Rusty Marnell/Octane Studios

Freelance Web Designer – Amarillo Web Design

Our place in the design industry is to provide solid studio-quality work without the price. This makes us ideal for start-ups and small companies who can’t afford to pay an expensive design firm, but could benefit greatly from our services.

What do you get when you hire a Freelance Web Designer?

Personalized Service.
Affordable Pricing.
Work Done on Time.

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Why a Unique Web Design is Vital

Shield Cyclists website design by Octane Studios.

Shield Cyclists Website Design – Amarillo Web Design

Think about yourself for a moment. You’re unique. And your business is too.
A unique business needs a unique design to brand it. Why do your customers choose you over your competitors? Because you offer them something nobody else can. Your brand should reflect the fact that your company is the only solution to their problem.

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